Ed Keller

Ed Keller ā€” “…alternately Stone in you, and Star” Fragments for the Universal Gesture

‘It’s thinking now.’  Borges 
Crystalline and Plasmic sonics are constellations of complex life unto themselves, self aware sentiences produced as millions of layers of sound action yield onto cognition. Much of the information flow passing through us – whether endogenous and internal, somatically and microbially local, or exogenous and linked to the homeorhetic landscapes within which we operate – is unobservable. But the filters of perception which sandbox us [our bodies, our minds] from this massive flow of information, what Michel Serres describes as a thermal howl, might indeed be flexible, allowing us to open linkages and render accessible and tangible the lifeworlds of this quasi-living, acousti-geological, cosmopolitical information stream. 
Is there a kind of slow moving sensemind produced in sonic action- non human and/yet really capable of cognition, perhaps even across millenia?  How can the thought think the self to the point where the thought-self nears annihilation- yet is not destroyed, but is reinvented in sound?  

Ed Keller is Director of the Center for Transformative Media at The New School, and Associate Professor at Parsons The New School for Design.  He is also designer, professor, writer, musician and multimedia artist.  Prior to joining Parsons, Ed taught at Columbia Univ. GSAPP [1998-2010] and SCIArc [2004-09].   With Carla Leitao he co-founded AUM Studio, an architecture and new media firm that has produced residential projects, competitions, and new media installations in Europe and the US.   His work and writing has appeared widely, in venues including Punctum, Praxis, ANY,  AD,  Arquine,  Leonardo Electronic Almanac,  Architecture,  Precis,  Wired,  Metropolis,  Assemblage, Ottagono, and Progressive Architecture.  He has spoken on architecture, film, technology and ecology internationally.  Current research seminars at Parsons include Post-Planetary Design  and The Radical Future of Guitar.  Ed has been an avid rockclimber for over 30 years.