Eldritch Priest

Eldritch Priest, ” It’s all in the setup”

Imagine if you could live life in its sheer happenstance. A life of pure consecution would have nothing necessary about it. One thing follows another just because it does. Of course, you’d go mad if you lived this way, or perhaps you’d never have a chance to go sane. And in some respects, you wouldn’t actually be living “a life” because, if you believe Deleuze, the latter is “a temporal line which is completely abstract.” Not like the abstract that you’re reading, but like a rhythm. “What is more abstract than a rhythm?” I don’t know, a joke? It all comes together after the fact of its telling, just like a life, but with a punchline instead of a tombstone. So maybe life is less merrily but a dream a more hilariously butt a joke. (Get it? No. Okay, let me explain…)

Eldritch Priest writes on sonic culture, experimental aesthetics and the philosophy of experience from a ’pataphysical perspective. He is Assistant professor in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. Eldritch is also a composer and improviser, as well as a member the experimental theory group “The Occulture.”