Merritt Symes & Dominic Pettman

Merritt Symes & Dominic Pettman

The Thoughts
A film by Merritt Symes.
Based on a story by Dominic Pettman.

This short film traces the origin of what is so often mistaken to be “our” thoughts, back to the beginning of the cosmos, and up to and including the overheated, mass-mediated mental climate changes of the present.

Merritt Symes is a video artist who creates audio-visual “resonance machines” from both found and original footage. Her short films attempt to capture a glimpse of the unsayable or unconveyable, and are concerned with creaturely lives, uncanny affinities, impersonal intimacies, the unraveling of forms, and the spaces between things.  

Dominic Pettman is Professor of Culture & Media at Eugene Lang College and The New School for Social Research. His numerous books include the forthcoming Metagestures (with Carla Nappi) and The Humid Condition.